Professional Profile

Currently, I work at the Web3 Foundation, covering numerous responsibilities, but mainly security and communications.

One of the main projects of the foundation is the Polkadot network. A next generation blockchain platform. To read more about the innovation that Polkadot is bringing to the blockchain industry I invite you to read the following blog post: [link].

LinkedIn – Find me on LinkedIn if you wish to see my professional career profile. I would prefer if people added a personal message to say how they found me.

Blockchain Gaming

Recently, I’ve been blogging a lot about blockchain gaming. In the first post I argue for putting more of the game state on-chain [link]. In later pieces I discuss how to verify the actions of players and how that fits with using Polkadot to power them. I also consider how we can fund and govern such a game too, which is tricky if such games will be open source by default.

If that doesn’t sound crazy enough, I postulated that we could turn gaming guilds into securitized DAOs. I naively suggested they can be companies, but a friend suggested that they should potentially be either mutuals, partnerships, or actual guilds.

What if we could take the Golem project and turn it into a Decentralised version of Google Stadia? [link]

Personal Profile

The following links lead to the various places on the Internet where you can read my blog posts.

Esoteriic — a general blog that hosts my writing on topics of interest.

Odinn Secuirty — a blog with a focus on Information Security.

Medium/@edward.thomson — a blog devoted to blockchain and web 3.

Steemit /@edwardthomson — a blog devoted to blockchain, web 3,  and cryptocurrencies.

Polkadot Market — a blog devoted to the Polkadot blockchain project.

Social Media

I can be found at various other places on the web:

  • Twitter — Feel free to follow and say hello.
  • Facebook — Not worth adding. 😉
  • Amazon — Book reviews etc.
  • Bitcointalk profile — my profile on the Bitcointalk forum