You might expect the first word here to be “blockchain” however, it is worth trying to understand what is meant by a decentralised game. 

Combining the two definitions of “decentralized” and “game” together we can derive a potential definition of a decentralized game:

Any game that features distributed planning and authority, and is designed to resist single points of failure could be described as “decentralized”. For me, I use the phrase “decentralized game” to refer almost exclusively to games that require a computer or similar electronic device.

See: Decentralization (Wikipedia) and Video game (Wikipedia)

What are blockchain games?

There is an intersection of blockchain gaming and decentralized gaming, although the two are not quite the same. The use of a blockchain within a software stack does not guarantee decentralization. Similarly, a decentralized game may not necessary use a blockchain either.

However, my main interest is decentralized blockchain games as I see a lot of exciting activity there.

Here is some of my content on the subject: